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In - 2010 I had a credit card that went into collections and got sold to Cheek Law offices/- - - - I explained to them i was struggling and having a hard time even keeping a place to live. They would n't work with me even then, they proceeded with a judgment against me i was - at the time so i was fresh into this and had no clue what i needed to do. I called them after i got the letter from court and asked them if i needed to appear in court as well, they told me no that i did n't need to appear so i did n't go to court. The judgment was to garnish my wages. They just now put in the order to garnish my wages more than - years later. This was a credit card for - dollars and they are now asking for -. They want to garnish my wages for $500.00 a month. I offered them $1000.00 to settle or i would take that $1000.00 and file bankruptcy chapter -. They still refused to take that settlement. I also offered to pay them $100.00 a month, they refused that as well. I can not afford $500.00 a month this will leave me homeless and possibly unemployed. I think the way they are handling things is unethical. I have explained my situation to them and they are not at all willing to work with me. I also do not understand how a lawyer can charge me interest. I also find it convenient that after over - years after the judgment when the money has racked up then they all of a sudden start to garnish my wages. If they would have garnished them right after the judgment then this would have been taken care of a long time ago. I feel they waited this long to do so because they wanted more money, which is not fair.

Cheek Law Offices, LLC customer in Ohio
Aug 18, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Cheek Law Offices, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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