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Credit card Taking/threatening an illegal action attempted to/collected exempt funds

Cheek Law Offices, LLC Debt collection department,

Credit card Taking/threatening an illegal action Attempted to/Collected exempt funds Ohio

Hello, I want to first give a background story as to why - - at Cheek Law firm began harassing me in -. To begin, - bank says that I opened a Credit Card '' on - -, - and closed it on - -, - as unpaid. I have never applied for a credit account with -. I would like this taken off of my credit immediately. If you are unable remove this from my credit history, I would like supporting documentation including signatures showing I applied for credit and agreed to the terms and conditions on the account. Now that I have explained the back story, I will get into the harassment I have been enduring for seven years. Because of this, there is a public record from the - - - courts for a garnishment of my wages by Cheek Law Firm and - for the $1700.00. This case should not even exist as this was a write off error from - stating this was a credit card debt. I was not aware that a

debt ''. He has repeatedly called me and sent me fake letters saying I will go to jail. There can not be a case without a valid signature from certified mail, which leads me to believe a signature may have been forged. Cheek Law firm has left me alone since - when the case was closed until now. I received a letter from Cheek Law Firm saying they are reopening my closed case and now this time - - wants $4000.00, with no reason as to why they are re opening the case, or why the money that was paid has somehow tripled in debt ''. I have reached out to Cheek Law Firm to provide documentation of my knowledge and signature that I did agree to this debt, which they can not provide. After realizing now that my wages have been garnished for $1700.00, I would like Cheek Law Firm to reimburse me for the illegally garnished wages for the five years as there is no documentation and no representation. I would also like - - to stop stealing from me and harassing me by opening cases that have been closed for four years and asking for triple the original debt amount. Thank you, - -

Cheek Law Offices, LLC customer in Ohio
Aug 12, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Cheek Law Offices, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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