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Payday loan Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed debt was paid

Dynamic Recovery Solutions, LLC Debt collection department,

Payday loan Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed Debt was paid Kentucky

I have continuously been getting call regarding a debt I owe to - in -, KY. They are harassing phone calls. At first I was worried, so I called - - and asked them because I was confused. Stated that I thought I had paid my balance in full. I have worked with this comany for a few payday loans at this point and was almost 100 % my balance was -. After calling them, they confirmed my account balance has been paid in full and they do not know why I would be getting these calls unless it was a scam. I have recently received a letter stating that I owe $480.00 dollars almost a - months later after their last call. I still do not owe this according to - -, and now I am scared this will affect my credit. I do not wish for a debt I owe to affect my credit, but am unsure where to turn. So here I am reporting what I believe to be fraud and so does - -. One of my biggest clues this was fraud was when the person on the end of the phone call called me a good for nothing - '' after I refused to pay the debt I did not owe or give them anymore information. This has to be stopped.

Dynamic Recovery Solutions, LLC customer in Kentucky
Jul 13, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Dynamic Recovery Solutions, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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