Herbert P. Sears Co., Inc. Debt Collection Complaint

Medical Taking/threatening an illegal action threatened to sue on too old debt

Herbert P. Sears Co., Inc. Debt collection department,

Medical Taking/threatening an illegal action Threatened to sue on too old debt California

- - - - - -This place stated that I owe $1500.00 for braces that were not supposed to be placed in my mouth. If anything I should have sued them for -. This dental company quickly threw some - to get a cut of my - benefits, knowing that my - strongly advise me to wait until I got all my - taken out. When I went for my monthly visit I was refused dental treatment due to non-payment. I left the office upset and rejected. I had to walk around for months with - that became painful and disfigured my mouth. Months later I get a bill for $1500.00 stating I needed to pay in full. I actually tried to work out a deal and even thought of giving them another chance to redeem themselves, but instead they said they would have to charge me the full amount for -, which was close to $4000.00 after I paid the $1500.00 that I supposedly owed. They even wanted to charge me for taking the - off, due to their wrong doing. After hearing this I knew this was not the place for me, nor did I trust the practice.

I did n't report this sooner due to not wanting additional stress. I want people to hear this story, because I am sure I am not the only - that has experienced such poor treatment through this facility. A few years later I check my credit report and not only did they sell my account to a collection company, but they changed the date of service, so the bill would look recent. I am shocked and appalled by this entire thing. Not sure what to do or who I should contact. This has ruined my credit and affected me physically and emotionally.

Herbert P. Sears Co., Inc. customer in California
May 20, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Herbert P. Sears Co., Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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