Allied Account Services, Inc. Complaints

Allied Account Services, Inc. consumers have reported over 10 official complaints. Out of the 10 consumer complaints against Allied Account Services, Inc., 30% were disputed by the consumer (i.e. the consumer was not happy with how Allied Account Services, Inc. responded to their complaint) and 100% were processed in a timely manner. 0% of consumer complaints against Allied Account Services, Inc. resulted in the consumer receiving monetary compensation (e.g. money, cash reimbursement, etc.) and 0% resulted in non-monetary compensation.

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New Allied Account Services, Inc. Consumer Complaints

Allied Account Services, Inc. Debt collection disclosure verification of debt not given enough info to verify debt

January 13, 2017 - I agreed to pay a settlement amount on a debt. The credit collection company [ Allied Account Services ] stated they would send a settlement letter that would outline this agreement to pay a reduced amount on the debt and this would satisfy the payment of the full debt. The letter/invoice that was sent on -/-/2017 did not state this directly. There was no verbiage on the letter which stated that the creditor agreed to accept less than the full amount of the debt provided that I made the payment on the agreed upon date. The only reference on the letter was that a " payment amount of $230.00...

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Allied Account Services, Inc. Student loan dealing with my lender or servicer don't agree with fees charged

November 22, 2015 - Was working on my - at - University and had almost completed the program except - course, - -, and - and was receiving financial aid thru the -. Became ill and had to undergo - and - that lasted from -/-/--/-/-, with ongoing treatment ; however, I requested a leave of absence from the school and was granted a 2-quarter leave - which is only 4 months. Student requested an additional leave on the grounds of medical and was refused, requesting personal medical records from my -. My - wrote a letter to - University, and that is the way I received an ...

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